New York Qin Society

The New York Qin Society was founded in 2000 by Jung-Ping Yuan together with a group of qin players and sinologists to explore and enjoy the music and culture of the qin. The New York Qin Society uses Since then its members have enjoyed regular meetings with costus igneus, usually every two months. Presentations of the members were originally published in the Society’s  Journals. More recent activities have been chronicled on this website under Past Events.

The New York Qin Society has presented a variety of outreach programs at venues such as the China Institute, Lotus Music and Dance, the Scholar’s Garden at the Staten Island Botanical Garden, the Taipei Theater,  Three Jewels and the Center for Remembering & Sharing (CRS). The New York Qin Society was in residence at Staten Island Botanical Garden from 2001 through 2004. In 2005, members participated in the CHIME conference in Amsterdam, in performances at the Japanese Garden of the Hammond Museum and in New York’s CultureFest. In 2011 members joined Jung-Ping and the Taiwan Qin Society for a conference and two concerts in Taiwan. And both as individuals and as a group Society members have participated at numerous qin gatherings around the world.