Other Qin Sites
English-language information sites:
  • www.silkqin.com/
    NY Qin Society member John Thompson has long maintained this vital and comprehensive site, now at a new address. It is the largest source of English-language information on the qin on the Internet.

  • www.cechinatrans.demon.co.uk/toc-qin.html
    This is the other great guqin resource in English, and has also been a treasure for a long time. Although covering a comparably broad range of material, the amount of overlap with Thompson's site is amazingly slight.

  • www.peiyouqin.com
    NY Qin Society member Judy Chang Peiyou has detail information about the qin playing techniques.

  • www.ukchinesemusic.com
    The pipa virtuoso Cheng Yu also  teaches qin in London. Her site contains much information on the UK scene, as well as information about the UK Chinese Ensemble.

  • www.cs.pdx.edu/~jrb/chin/index.html
    Jim Binkley is a pioneer in guqin construction. This URL has his translation of the sections of the Yuguzhai Qinpu on qin construction.

  • www.wuziying.com/index.html
    A Qin player, Wu Ziying 吳自英 guqin website. Before immigrating to the United States, he was a professor of traditional Chinese Music at Shanghai Normal University and was the director of the Shanghai Qin Association.

  • www.chineseculture.net/wangfei
    Wang Fei teaches qin in the San Francisco Bay area and convenes frequent yajis. This site contains information about her activities, clips of qin music, and information about her teacher, Li Xianting. See www.guqin.com for information on her North American Guqin Association.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guqin
    Guqin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


On-line qin sales sites:

  • www.clarionmusic.com
    Clarion, in San Francisco, maintains an unusual inventory of Chinese instruments and accessories, including silk strings. 

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