VOLUME 1, No.1 JOURNAL February 2000
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Date: 27 February 2000
Time: 3:00-6:00PM
Place: Qing Ming Qin Zhai 清明琴齋 (Clear & Bright Qin Studio)
Attending: Alex Chao, Stephen Dydo,Shida Kuo, Bo Lawergren, Jung-ping Yuan
Minutes: Bo Lawergren

1. Two officers were unanimously elected for 1 year: Jung-ping Yuan (President), and Stephen Dydo (Treasurer).

2. It was decided that the following temporary by- laws will regulate the Society.
  A. The Society will function under the leadership of the President and the Treasurer.
  B. More permanent by-laws must be presented and approved within 1 year.

3. Efforts will be made to see if the Society can be set up as a Non-Profit Organization (Dydo will make inquiries).

4. Members expressed the desirability that several event be staged the first year. This would start us off with a bang, and put us on the New York map. We will look into venues. China Institute and Chinese Cultural Center were suggested (Lawergren will inquire). Possible event may be (1) a presentation of ancient Chinese zithers by Bo Lawergren, (2) a concert by Jung-ping Yuan. We would invite friends interested in the qin and its relatives.

5. The possibility of constructing a Web Home page was discussed. Alex Chao will look into this issue. It would cost some money, and Alex will look into the tough business of serious fund raising.

6. Other issue arose: can we obtain email-lists of potential audience (e.g. from China Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art)? Is it desirable to use such mass communications? Will we get too large audience and loose the intimacy of the qin- spirit?

7. Next meet will take place on March 19, same place, same time.

8. The meeting finished at 6:00 PM.

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